Edward Mouse, the Unlikely Hero, is thrust into the limelight with a mission to save the village.

Small in stature, but full of determination, the little mouse leads the group of rescuers.

Teamwork prevails, with Arturo Fox the Mapmaker, Sally Raccoon the Lamp Merchant, and Mr. Andy Owl, the Grocer, supplying food for the adventure.

William Beaver provides shelter for the troop. Sylvia Raven, as always, watches from above and guards the little heroes.

All this trouble because of Philippe Cat (aka Bad Cat) is trying to destroy the village so he can build the Feline Fantasy World Amusement Park.

Will Bruno Bulldog stop the bulldozers? Will Margaret Bear call for justice? Find out in "The Raven and the Mouse".


Written by Susan Pace-Koch

Illustrated by Emily Stepp

ISBN# 978-1-7323475-1-9

Hardback,  $16.95  free shipping