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Hand-crafted Pig Characters by Merry Manias from A Pie for a Pig book characters. Displays available for Art Galleries, Museums, Craft Exhibits.

Parker Pig with Blueberry Pie, Ms. Posey Pig with
Peach Pie, Perry Pig with Chocolate Cream Pie,
Ms. Pepper Pig with Banana Cream Pie.

Prescott and Ms. Prudence Pig with Pumpkin Pie,
Paxton Pig with Strawberry Pie, Pasha Pig with
Apple Pie, Presley Pig  with Lemon Meringue Pie

Paddy Pig with Rhubarb Pie, Ms. Paisley Pig with
Key Lime Pie, Ms. Patsy Pig with Sweet Potato Pie, 
Papa and Pip Pig with Cherry Pie