Who wants to swim along with the dolphins, play cards with an octopus, get tickled by a seahorse and ride a whale! I do! and that's what you'll do on this Mermaid adventure. Marnie and her sidekicks, the Merkids, Matt and Maggie team up to help out a Tugboat in trouble. Martin Moon, helps save the day, too..and who do you think Martin helps??  Find out in "The Mermaid and the Moon", illustrated by Tracie Timmer.

Written by Susan Pace-Koch

Illustrated by Tracie Timmer

ISBN# 978-0-9829608-1-3

Hardback,  $16.95  free shipping

ISBN# 978-0-9629608-2-0

Paperback,  $10.95  includes shipping



A new audiobook for The Mermaid and the  Moon is now also available on External link opens in new tab or windowAudible.com  for $3.95.

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