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Meet our diverse, Kids, Mermaids, Pie-baking Pigs and  Bedtime Mischief Makers and a forest full of Bears!

The Bad Cat, Philippe, is intent on bulldozing the Village!

Can the Unlikely Hero, Edward Mouse, gather the forest friends to stop this tragedy? What can a little mouse do?  

Sylvia Raven, a distant friend, keeps an eye on the misfit band of travelers as they trek through the forest on their mission.
The Four Bears Book

You may have heard of "Kitchen Magic", but have you ever seen it?

You will, when the Guardians spring to life and off the kitchen shelf, to go on their first adventure to rescue to Moon.

Milo, the St Bernard (former cookie jar), Kate, the Cat (former milk pitcher), and Gus, the Mouse (former clock) jump to life and off the shelf and into action!


You see, some dastardly devils have stolen the lamp that lights the moon, and the Guardians need to find the Lamp before we are all engulfed in darkness.  Grandma may be your new "action figure" as she leads the brave adventurers to the moon and back.

The Four Bears Book

The FOUR Bears??? You thought there were only Three Bears, but we have a surprise for you. Do you know who the Fourth Bears is? Join us in the woodlands and see who is there ... first you'll meet Cubbie and Mama Bear and Papa Bear and there is ................? 

Spend a playful day and night with the Bear Family as they romp through the day and snuggle in for the evening and a long winter's nap. Cubbie, and the Bear family, illustrated by Jack Wiens, will put smiles on your faces.
The Four Bears Book

Our Mermaid, Marnie, is afraid of the Moon, who is So Big, So Scary and So Far Away! Marnie is in serious trouble! Can she get untangled from the fisherman's net? Will she and the Merkids, Matt and Maggie, be able to team up to save the Tugboat? Can Martin, the Moon, help them? Find out what happens in the sea adventure!
The Mermaid and the Moon - Children's Book

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