Sometimes it's hard to sleep when you are SO BUSY! Busy thinking about dragons and kittens and cowboys and such fun things!

"Best Book" Award Winner! selection by BAIPA.          


Written by Susan Pace-Koch

Illustrated by Jeremy Kwan


ISBN# 978-0-9829608-0-6

Hard bound with dust jacket,  $16.95  free shipping

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Book Reviews:

"A simple, rhyming picture book about the difficulty of going to sleep when one's imagination is dancing with lots of exciting things. The fanciful color artwork adds the perfect touch to this brief, gentle, read-aloud book perfect for parents and children to share right before bedtime."

- Midwest Book Review


"This is a beautiful children's bedtime story. The poems are lovely. The illustrations are amazing. Each page transports the reader to a different, magical place. Definitely recommend this as a bedtime story for kids!

- JacketFlap: 5 stars


"My mom bought your book at the Sonoma Book Fair and brought it home to me in Virginia. I like it very much. I like the poem and the pretty pictures. It was a great gift."
     - Abby, age 7
Pembroke, VA


"What I love about this story is the multitude of directions you can go with this story. It can prompt discussions about the variety of ideas and images running through the different illustrated characters' heads, and then personally learn what your child thinks about. Which character does s/he find most similar to her/himself? A teacher can have students choose one of the characters with an assignment to write up the background, a poem about their dreams, and a paper about the thoughts that keep them awake. Darling bookmakers can be ordered to go along with the storyline. Cute and clever!"
- Goodreads: 5 stars

"Children have such creative imaginations that it is often hard to shut them down prior to going to bed. Their minds just keep getting busier and busier. Spinning off of each child's individual activity. Susan Pace-Koch writes about the adventures the child is having while getting ready for bed.  ... short, descriptive words on each page, flowing at angles so playful! The color of each story plays into the different vignettes that each child is imagining, making each unique and beautiful.                   ... different children to appeal to all races and nationalities. Imagination knows no bounds."
- So Many Books, So LIttle Time
"... a short children's story revolving around something many people experience at bedtime. As the children in the story attempts to go to sleep, thoughts keep popping up in his or her head. It's hard to sleep when you can't stop thinking about things. The narrative often rhymes, something that I know helped my children when they were first starting to read. Sentences are short and flow nicely."
- Round Table for Kids